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Blatant Rip-Off? Or Back Alley Designer?

Possibly the most blatant copy of one of the most famous fonts on the planet.... This logo is for the Chinese city of Dalian, and believe it or not the logo design has just been awarded after winning a competition named 'Dalian has a good gift', run by the Dalian Culture and Tourism Bureau. Personally I think it could be some sort of joke because how can anyone argue this isn't a complete rip off of the World Famous Disney Logo & Font.

It is kind of hard to believe that this design made it through a process with over 1000 to go on a WIN... Seriously the 'D' looks as if it's been lifted directly from the trademarked Disney logo and thinned by about 0.1mm. I dunno this isn't inspiration this is straight-up Copying, but then again in this world of crazy and beautiful ideas could it all be a marketing ploy to get people talking about the City of Dalian... I doubt it view the image below it looks like they have got a bit too google friendly and just pulled logos from images and made themselves a wee logo in Collage maker


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